The Rest

by Wafflehouse*

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released January 28, 2001


all rights reserved



Wafflehouse* Michigan

Wh* was five friends from michigan. They made music because that’s what they loved to do.

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Track Name: Jessica Boulevard
this time we bit off more than we bargained for this time. this time we undertook more than we can handle. this time i thought would be different than anything before. this time i looked with fire in my eyes. but it didn't work. didn't even get burned. but still you ask me where all of my passion went. still you had the nerve. you mean much more than i ever let on. i'm sorry about those words. you're packing it up and moving away. i'm sorry about the burns. so aghast that i can't breathe. trapped in a world of intricacies. perfectly wrong, one hundred percent. streamline everything but your placement. your sunlight casts the best shadows. like jogging in the rain. ask me if this sounds conceited. but have you ever tasted pain? i can't love you in september, you can't look me in the eye. put in wrong information. wake up and watch it crash down. at least we tried. next time it will be better than the time before. next time will i be responsible. next time remind me to harness the fire. so next time maybe i'll see in the dark.
Track Name: Halloween Sequence
hopefully i dig. hopefully digging. makes me float to another end. i rise below myself today. this weekend's my corner away. the cars all seem to move as one. the cars all seem to move together. yeah. to find the things too close to me. it's the shameless things that will get you. continental abrasions today. lately i seem to move with them. enough i said. you made your point. you make me wonder (want to) show you everything i can. and i can. i want to show you everything. stop. watch. time.
Track Name: Starlit Dequindre
caress. starlit dequindre. moving my emotions deliver. carve a picture melts in time. subliving we label tonight we dine. two step amazing part played to perfection. burning on the inside never let out it kills at will. half kept bottling plant. man chasing giant rats. sponge dripping blood in the tuesday morning aftershock. confess. starlit dequindre. sensations over the other river. success a face folds within mine. confusion is leaving my sights inside. getting lost doesn't count as philosophy. writers block. paper towels. compare you to plato. how come you're always what you never seem. don't know how long it's going to take me to get home because i don't want to leave. take my arms. set them ablaze. do what you want but please stay. what do you think of me now. i try to be inspired. days i'm inspired to try. not as often as i'd like. i can't stop thinking. that i fell the sine. make a better leisure. watch the sun rise. who's going to watch me. who's going to need me. who's going to keep me entertained.
Track Name: On A Fossil Scale
silver shadows. living on my fingers tipping. look to the right. left when i step. it's truly deceiving. clenching to strain. when i'm slow with the best. letting terrain (appear). near or star. i'll try to let go. folding my arms. i'll try to breakthrough. figuratively speaking. i've lost interest in the situation. wasted away by goals unreached. and all the unreturnable dreams. drift apart from what was gone at the start. you're getting smaller by the minute.
Track Name: All We Want is for All the Girls to Dance
so now we're connected. by much more than our wings. it's not that we're unaffected. we err on the side of caution. just like kings. this is our estate. don't you like the taste? we won't take your bait. so now we're majestic. they all do what we say. but we haven't been tested. will we make it through the day? this is our estate. don't you like the taste? we make our own fate. so remember, my queen. your rainbows. your honey. and your kisses are sweeter than the source. i know. you know. what they say about rainy days. so come on. come on. come on sugar let's make lemonade. it's the best thing we've ever had. don't you like the taste? this was our estate. and you sealed my fate. but how much longer must i wait? another sceptre's been displaced. it marked my rise and fall from grace.
Track Name: Crooks
it's just a common misplacement. to try to make it in the ordinary. day to day. way they set up for you. but i like the crook in your smile. so i'll settle down for a while. but sooner or later. i've got to get back. back on the get go. never placed a no show.

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