by Wafflehouse*

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released September 12, 2002

All music and lyrics performed and composed by Wh*

Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Tim Pak and Wh* at Woodshed Studios in the fall of 2001.

Mastered by Doug Ward at Maximummac Studios in 2002.


tags: rock Michigan


all rights reserved


Wafflehouse* Michigan

Wh* was five friends from michigan. They made music because that’s what they loved to do.

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Track Name: Leviathan
living on hydrogen tanks won't give you life. i'll be living my days like they're your last night. you've been told that all you know are lies. i'd do what you say but there's daggers in your eyes. you lived a disguise, wore what you despise, do you think that's wise? red lighter, red lighter than. and bits of her sneakers found their way to my kitchen floor. the path stretched from here to there without a trace of crystals lining the door. it eats her up inside she can't decide if the fright was the right thing to do. you fucked what i planned to do. if i could only hold you hand i'd break my right arm. this fall change. keep it with me it's the same, lame thing worth hazing constant. blaming me for this. you would be a number. hello means the name of a city. it eats her up inside she can't decide if the fright was the right thing to do. i think it's safe to say that me and you and you and me are through. for now. here we go. there we go. now we will. never know.
Track Name: Sometimes It Works
their thoughts are heavy. their words are heavy. their moves are heavy. but light enough to keep us off the ground. they're still around. we're still around. fighting every day from town to town. (there's more conviction, in the deal of a century, than in the fucking whole of you) like some kind of stuck-up traveling circus. let's get out and work this. let's make it work. our arms are heavy. our eyes are heavy. our knees are heavy. they're hard enough to knock us to the ground. hey look, we're down. i'll never understand just why you frown upon this like it's something evil. we just love people. so let's meet people. let's get out. we scream for the answers of day to day. (sometimes things get heavy) we raise our fists in the air as we walk away. (it's how you deal with it) one last stand as we slave for the common plane. (sometimes we seem heavy) my life, my chance, i walk away. let's get out and work this. let's get out.
Track Name: Head Cage Store
separation could have been the death of us. if i had only let t be anything more than a temporary discomfort while you've been away from me. as four give ins parade and we break the evening shade. what's arrived has come too late, but hey...don't expect to feel safe. he said, "girl there's no time ahead to worry about what was past." she said, "i don't know how to say this but i think you're flying up too high." he said, "well she could have done a whole lot worse, and maybe she's just being nice." but as you smiled and left i knew that something wasn't right. maybe i'll come down a bit. it's the least i can do tonight. if you could change the rules, truly, for a moment, honestly, how do you think the atmosphere will react? congratulations, shake your hand. and if you could ask me just one question about myself. seriously? oh no! i think i could get into this. dive in head first and reach the bottom. to touch the ocean floor with only a few seconds of air. stop my breathing forever. your majesty, not ever anymore.
Track Name: Thumbs Up
and thanks for all you've ever done for me. (it's the greatest idea i've ever heard) i couldn't give you a name if i tried. it's not that i don't want to, i do. or that you're not deserving, you are. it's just that far too often i am too self serving. i've been thinking long and hard, well not really hard, but you probably understand. it's not even the point at hand. today we'll build what we planned. yesterday we'll tear it all down again. one more chance to say what was left unsaid, and we'll say what we need to get through. and we'll drive to where we need to get to. i haven't even stopped in miles. (tom/foams!) if wishes were inches i'd have made you a giant. standing tall over the buildings of today. but my restorative will took a three week vacation and i'm feeling like it's time i collapse. yeah. i'm stranded, confused, in a familiar, new territory. and i'm losing the notion of home. i've run out of ways to express myself through myself. expressions only took me so far. glass shards cut. my eyes are shut. it ended up broke from the start. seen through lampshades tinted green. the end makes more sense than anything i mean. i will get by. they start the fire.
Track Name: Cinder Block Mountain
overcast, a sunday night up on the hill. we felt the air as we watched the cars not passing by. it was then i knew it all would be fine. palm tree lights pass by. travel pass. lights. the corner, my sideline. so i give it up. i hope that you get enough. (getting colder. i'm looking over my shoulder to the skyline. bright lights in my face. i'll just wait) yeah, there will still be wind. but only if we make it. and no, this will never end. not even if we fake it. it's just my dreams to bleed. it's just my line in the sand. my stare, to pierce through you. i knew we would. i knew it would. until i get my chance. i'll just waste my time.
Track Name: Cinder Block Mountain II
there will still be wind.
Track Name: Big Smile, Little Teeth
so sexy and i'm falling. conversations without warning. and i looked again, i looked again, i looked again, and then.... starting over and facing backwards. you really had me going. i thought that it was urgent, but it wasn't that important. key weighted kite. i lost my concentration when she said (she was waiting for) the lightning ride. (i screamed at the windshield) for pieces, oh perennials (that won seven fold) and i looked again. and i said stop winking at me. Cleopatra, the master, the hatchet. and eventually it passes. whoa! a little reminder to find my way back was just too much to ask. i've gone and done that thing again. that thing you hate so much. and in case you forgot to see me, i forgot to not wake up. i can't even fake a smile, i can't ever close my heart again. you're melting my swing set, the one that i use (the one that) keeps me a cynic. i was walking through your eyes. i saw mountains, streams and treason. IMNVINNJIMMTIMXYZ.
Track Name: I Watch TV
once a long time ago i was lost at sea. i watch tv. it's two a.m. and i'll never know if i will sleep again. but i can't help but wonder, what will they think of next? do i decide between dying and trying? what does it matter if i spend all my money on gas? to keep things alive. sometimes i do enjoy a hug or two (i whisper through) or three or four or nine or more. was it funny in the chest? or did you grow up on me again? i forgot to stop and smell the roses. the physical flies by and my wits remain frozen. did you grow up? soon enough i'll make amends with the time i've wasted, lost with no placement. it's another thing to say you can't take it back again. but if you remember you cared enough back when i had a plan, it saves you from the force of fail and propels you to the front again. and i'm so tired. and i'm so lame. and the shame's the last time i found aid in a band wrapped around my knee. and i never realized i so completely distanced myself from the simple things. how do i get in line again to place the bet i saved 'till the end. what does it matter if i'm broke by my shallow sighs? i need more time. it's easier when i've got more alive on my side, to keep me surprised. or i'll just wait for patience's sake. last night i only saw new cars. by that i mean ones i've never seen before. but the drivers were familiar like long lost friends and that girl i had a crush on in second grade. her name was trisha and she had curls in her hair like all cute girls should. i don't know if she still lives in that house but she's definitely living somewhere. second grade loves never die. i'd stare at her house every time we'd drive by. i still do. she's of driving age now and has been for a few years. she's been on my mind since last night and i don't know why. i heard a voice say"you still need me." i found, i found you, i found you outside. it was soft, it was sweet, it was her. even after eleven years i remembered. not to mention eleven years will take it's toll on a big curled child. and then, on impulse, i spoke: we have got to get things moving. shameless raging, inconclusive. don't make us offers worth refusing 'cuz we've got disaster attached to what matters. soon enough i'll make amends with the time i've wasted. soon enough again. soon enough my friend. soon enough and then... what? when your eyes run dry. what? when we lose the drive. what? when the timings tried and failures fine and all things divine arrive via satellite. can we ever rest as we strive by night? if the meanings trite. when electric you discover you're right.