Anthem the Whisper

by Wafflehouse*

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released May 22, 2001

All music and lyrics performed and composed by Wh*

Recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Pak and Wh* at Woodshed Studios in July 2000.


tags: rock Michigan


all rights reserved


Wafflehouse* Michigan

Wh* was five friends from michigan. They made music because that’s what they loved to do.

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Track Name: The Flavors of Breakthrough
upstairs. i'm looking out. with waterfalls. takes me out. outside. a simple tree. in copper bells. lifts me up. i can feel the sky slipping through your fingers tonight. i can hear the thoughts as we try to figure out what it all means. what does it mean? maybe the world is falling down. because lately i don't care about anything else. and this could be the last time that i say goodnight to you, but i can't bring myself to fall asleep. explode. let go. regrets fade. embrace with a soft strength. i don't want to see you come around here anymore. goodnight anyway.
Track Name: Lax Allister
so this is how it boils down. always try to reach. almost out of hand. caught like the divide. fought it for the fun. three words where. for what part. what if all your cares were drove off of a cliff? what if all my thoughts were with them? would we save our idle chatter? or could there be another way? now when. i can. i am. aware. i am. right here. and on. screaming. wasn't worth it anymore. and to show them. we fought it for the fun. and this is how it boils down.
Track Name: Summer Lighting
i don't want to be the last one. in said righteous line. i choose my innocence. now it's here to stay. stay. racing silver the wide eyed horses. closed captioned for the hearing impaired. loosen the strain of the ceiling collapses (lapses). who would have bought into this trickery? (i'll see you today. is there anything sooner?) save me. stay be. falling into place now falling. place your hands now on my shoulders. i think i'm becoming a night person. been kidnapped again now stolen. wake from sleep now you steal my dreams. with a look, off the record, i don't mind.
Track Name: ...In Between The Trees
hooray. why do you need to see nothing? when i want to see you and be near you today. turning to the sun. turning, looking for something more. but everyday my thoughts turn back to you. tell me while i'm breathing in. looking all around me. looking for what i need to be. i look at myself then turn back to you. to be near you but you're so far away. in between the trees he sees all that you can't believe. inside my mind i reveal all i try to hide. it's time to confide. you're so far away. wait. the concentrate makes the rest of us. i'll be giving you my resignation. your presence here is an understatement. no decisions made with a massive head wound. long day. (only twenty two hours short). nice way (to finish my retort). and if i had those other two hours i'd probably waste them. so you're waiting. wait for me. how behind are we? how can we end here?
Track Name: Clever
clothes are scattered on the floor. looks like emotions won the war this time. sanity's going, memory's gone. i've lost everything i never had from the start. it was just one mistake but it keeps recurring. dreams turn to nightmares because i can't sleep. i can see the sounds of the colors in my head. but i still can't see where i'm going. (get quick) and slide between the page so swift through you. (let thick) the way you count yourself in numbers of the moon. (set fast) complete the magic ship to sail so true. (lift not) the thoughts of consequence that holds you down. you're so clever. there's a girl who makes me sick of everything. and everyone that makes me sick of you. and i cannot feel my own voice (with my chest caved in). collapsed on our shared lung. (i still don't know where i'm going. no one sees me now. everything fits in my head). we've watched you try. you took my head off. carry on with me. arms bending out to see your silver side. underneath your feet. and i will stay right there. watching as you go away. you're just a clover. i mean so clever.
Track Name: Windmills
i find you curious. the sickly wishful. the fate of the liquid witness. quite frankly it's none of my business. here's to looking back, like when i took your hand and bought you a sweater. you only like the warmer weather. now hold on for one moment. we're getting to the good part. if i had the mouth i wanted. i'm sure i'd tell you what i've been saying. and here's to what's ahead. i'll do just what you said. go shopping for groceries even though the cupboard's empty. here's to looking back. and here's to what's ahead. you've got me spinning round and round. baby. here's to now.
Track Name: When In Chester
fix me. don't tempt me. believe me it's worth it for now. it's got what you said and everything after. i don't want you to. take back the breaths we've taken. the breathing we've accepted. excuse me if i've imposed but i'm just trying to find out what you're made of. higher education on a literal level gets results. sound waves react to the way they drop. you just can't quit. chalk dust settles in my hand. my plan. my life. everything isn't white. i'll be your doormat. i'm breaking your fall. in the fall. no one hears me at all. the diagram's drawn when i wake up at dawn. too tired to yawn. i fall back a year. i'll always be here. resting, counting and hiding my fears. i'll never fully be gone. limitations on the statue. god's lake narrows. off the top of your head. and we are the opposite of us. just give me one good reason. and i'll give you feeling. a reason for believing. and everything after. when in chester.